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Ethics in the Workplace Essay

The case study provided in Craig E. Johnson’s book, Ethics in the Workplace , is a moral and valuable lesson regarding the blurred vision between a for profit and a nonprofit. This example, while it may be considered severe, is an excellent one that leads the reader to more important questions. The question of whether nonprofits should operate as businesses encourages the reader to think about the pros and cons of each. If a nonprofit were to operate as a business, it would basically eliminate the unending concern about funding. Nonprofits, operating as a business, would be able to reap the benefits of for profit companies making more money for the organization but not necessarily the mission. However, this would ultimately lead to more expenses as the budget would have to include higher amounts in staff pay, marketing, and benefits. Another con of operating as a business is taxes. Nonprofits would no longer be exempt from paying taxes and once again, the cost would greatly increase the budget. Probably the most dangerous aspect of a nonprofit run as a business is the loss of the mission and vision. One may be concerned that the need for money and greed will usurp the original mission of the nonprofit. Should businesses operate more like nonprofits? This question is a difficult one to answer. Nonprofits exist for social justice, in many cases nonprofits pick up where the government has left off. While our economy is based on supply and demand, there is societal pressure to be charitable and giving. If businesses were to be as charitable as a nonprofit, they would undoubtedly lose money and perhaps close due to lack of funding, yet, their sense of social justice would be fulfilled. Since there will always be consumers, thus a demand for goods and services, businesses should not operate as nonprofits. As cited in the case study in the introduction by Johnson (Johnson, Ethics in the Workplace, 2007), the Goodwill Branch in Portland, Oregon does compete on the same level as businesses in the area. The Branch pays their top staff over $100,000 with the CEO’s salary at a whopping half a million. Yet, because they are registered as a nonprofit, they are exempt from paying taxes on goods and services, people utilizing the nonprofit get services for free, and they are able to pay their staff lower than competitive wages. If, as cited in the case study, a nonprofit competes on all levels with a for profit business, then the competition must be fair. Either the nonprofit has to begin to pay taxes or taxes for the business should be eliminated. It is important to note, however, that the elimination of taxes would devastate the economy. When it comes to salaries, businesses definitely have the upper hand. Because businesses operate to make money, they can afford to hire only the best in the fields. Nonprofits, relying more on government funding, are unable to afford those astounding costs. Furthermore, nonprofits operate under the definition of social services. For a nonprofit to lose sight of that and pay top dollars for staff, is a vision they can not afford to lose. Thus, executives of nonprofits should in no way be compensated or expect to be compensated at the same rate as their business counterparts. The services offered are meant to be taken advantage of by disadvantaged citizens and pay rates should reflect that mission. In the case study previously mentioned, Michael Miller, the CEO of the Goodwill Branch in Portland Oregon, is receiving a salary of $500,000 not including benefits and expenses. Moreover, some of the workers at that same branch are making below minimum wage. It is immoral for Mr. Miller to receive such a high salary, not only because his staff is making considerably less but more importantly because the salary is not in line with the overall charitable mission of Goodwill. It is unreasonable to believe that staff pay will remain the same as a nonprofit expands. However, certain standards must be in place to substantiate higher salaries. Standards may include: overall budget of the nonprofit and allocation of funds, effective service of the nonprofit based on data taken from all available programs, how the nonprofit compares to others in its region or state, and how well they are fulfilling their mission. The question as to whether this writer would charitably donate to the sight mentioned in the study can best be answered by weighing morals against greed. This writer believes that they would not donate to the sight unless there was documented proof that at least 90% of the donation was going to the people it was intended to help. Since this branch is more likely to document exaggerated salaries such as the CEO’s, it is unlikely a donation would be made to that particular branch.

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James Bond: Standing the Test of Time Essay

My fellow film enthusiasts, just like the contemporary version of this iconic drink, the core formula of any Bond film can be seen as a ‘shaken not stirred’ concoction of girls, guns, gadgets and villains all revolving around the essential main character, James Bond. Like the classic martini it is this formula which has been, when necessary, enhanced and refined to represent changing societal values, attitudes and beliefs from 1962 to present. This ability to sustain the longevity of the franchise by appealing to contemporary audiences is why Bond can be seen to stand the test of time. The evolution of films throughout the franchise can best be illustrated when examining two Bond movies which are more than four decades apart; Sean Connery’s 1964 Goldfinger, and Daniel Craig’s 2006 Casino Royale. These films specifically highlight two main elements of the Bond formula; the character portrayal of James Bond and the depiction of women in society and how they have evolved to suit the taste buds of the particular time. The most obvious, yet fundamentally important aspect of the Bond franchise is the construction of 007 himself, James Bond. The construction of Bond is a complex fabric, sewn with puns and audaciously graceful remarks, then taken and intricately fused with his uncompromising skills as an ‘MI6 assassin’. These traits portray him as a hero who provides a level of escapism, while still being implicitly understood by contemporary audiences. In Goldfinger, Connery’s handsome, resourceful and collected Bond flagrantly dismisses women when he has to attend to ‘man talk’. He must also ironically resort to physically restraining himself from indulging in any sexual temptations. This era of film strongly appealed to viewers who were looking for a respite from the pseudo-American toughness which was obligatory to male protagonist films of the 1960s, characterised by such movies as Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry and Paul Newman’s Cool Hand Luke. We again see Bond’s tongue-in-cheek humour when he retorts â€Å"I must be dreaming† after being introduced to Goldfinger’s personal pilot Pussy Galore. This inability to refrain from speaking a man’s ‘inner monologue’ and his failure to accept Galore is unaffected by his charm, is characteristic of a man who is a product of a pre-feminist society. Bond is a man who audiences are willing to accept can engage the problems of the world, can seduce any woman along the way, and win. Turn the clock forward to Casino Royale in 2006 and we find the birth of a new sophisticated, masculine yet emotionally vulnerable Bond. Craig transforms Bond into a man who has lost none of the wit, pithy comebacks or refined repertoire found in the Connery Bond. He is however no longer the emotionally detached killer depicted in Goldfinger. By 2006 he is a man who wears the burdens of his actions. Bond is repeatedly subjected to the strict, almost dictatorial command of females such as M.  Threatened to have his status of ‘00’ revoked and plainly exposed by M, where she states â€Å"utter one more syllable I’ll have you killed† Bond is displayed as almost a ‘liability’ to the British secret service. He is portrayed as a man who is driven to play by his own rules, yet still cautiously walks the line of bureaucracy; arguably a modern day J. Edgar Hoover. Upon meeting Vesper Lynd, the leading Bond girl of the film, Bond immediately engages her in hyper-critical verbal parry where each person attempts to uncover emotional experiences from the other’s past. Their critical conversation reaches its climax when Bond replies â€Å"you’re not my type† to which Vespa retorts â€Å"smart† â€Å"single†¦Ã¢â‚¬  illustrating Bond is able to finish a conversation with no sexual resolve, depicting a man who is more interested in a mental challenge rather than a sexual resolution. A man who now could arguably live up to the elevated social expectations of women such as Germaine Greer. This new Bond reflects the changes in societal attitudes when men are expected to be in touch with their inner selfs and their emotions, a trait which is mirrored in other contemporary films such as Bruce Willis’s Die Hard 4. . Although glamorous women are an essential part of the core formula, their portrayal has evolved over time in accordance with changing societal attitudes and beliefs displayed by contemporary audiences. Connery’s Bond in Goldfinger would be viewed today as nothing more than a misogynistic dinosaur who uses and objectifies women for no greater purpose than sexual pleasure. This is deliberately obvious within the first scene of Goldfinger where Bond seduces, and then uses a woman as a human shield whilst defending himself against his enemies; portraying her life as having less value and being more dispensable than his. This objectification of women is again depicted by Goldfinger’s inauspiciously named pilot and commander of his female aerial squadron, blonde bombshell and judo expert Pussy Galore. She is a female who could be depicted more accurately as a coordinator of a burlesque troop rather than covert military operatives. Galore is blatantly explicit with Bond when she states â€Å"you can turn off your charm, I’m immune. † Bond takes this sexual fend as a challenge rather than a rejection, as he continues to force himself upon her, highlighted by their fight and subsequent sexual interaction. If this encounter was to be emulated in a modern film, today’s society would view this as unacceptable conduct, both verbally and physically, as it is blatantly offensive towards women’s rights. Whatever happened to no means no? This segment of Goldfinger however would have appealed to the contemporary era of a 1960s audience, as behaviour such as this was viewed as politically and socially correct, however not necessarily accepted, at that time. This objectification and stereotyping of women has been challenged in social and feminist movements from the late 1960s through to the present day. Speakers such as Naomi Wolf and Susan Faludi have inspired and enlightened women to demand equal rights and illustrated how they have previously been socially and physically dominated by men. Women are now well educated, self sufficient, authoritative and independent; exemplified by M’s statement in Casino Royale, â€Å"I report to the Prime Minister and even he’s smart enough not to ask me what we do. Have you ever seen such a bunch of self-righteous, ass-covering pricks? † This obliterates the ideals that women need to be chaperoned by men in order to make executive decisions. This new image of capable and headstrong women, symbolised by M and Vepser Lynd, is the defining statement from a post-feminist society. Portrayed not as a ‘disposable’ Bond girl, Vesper can be seen to reach a level of emotional attachment to Bond whereby she exposes a mutual vulnerability previously not depicted in earlier films. It is this human connection that a contemporary educated audience now expects. This mix of powerful yet emotionally susceptible women is also clearly paralleled in other contemporary movies such as the women of Sex and the City. The adaptation, modification and the overall evolution of the James Bond franchise has always been in pursuit of the same goal; depicting a current, contemporary and desirable Bond for a modern audience. Just like the classic martini it is this core formula which has been enhanced and refined from 1962 to present. This ability to sustain the longevity of the franchise by appealing to the tastes of contemporary audiences is why Bond, the man of all the right words, the man with the ‘golden gun’ will continue to inspire and captivate audiences until the end of time.

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An analysis of the Depreciation Methods in GAAP in the UK

An analysis of the Depreciation Methods in GAAP in the UK Depreciation is the allocation of the cost of a plant asset to expense over its useful (service) life in a rational and systematic manner† (Weygandt, Kieso and Kimmel, 2003:416). There are three factors affect the calculation of depreciation, which are asset cost, useful life and salvage value (Weygandt, Kieso and Kimmel, 2003). Accountant in different companies will use various methods to compute the depreciation. There are straight-line method, reducing balance method (double declining balance, sum of digits, reducing percentage), annuity method, and unit of production method (Mike, Ron and Allister, 1994). And in most companies, especially in the large corporations, they will use the straight-line method, because it is the easiest one to compute the depreciation. This essay will illustrate some method that usually used in the companies and contract with each method to find out which one is the most useful. At the beginning, the essay will illustrate the straight-line method , the second one is reducing balance method, the third method is sum of digits, and the last one is the unit of production method. Below each method, the essay will give an example, which is calculated by me. Under the straight-line method, the annual depreciation expense is the same over the asset’s estimated useful life every year. The annual depreciation expense is determined by depreciation cost divided by the useful life of the asset or multiplied by the annual rate of depreciation (Weygandt, Kieso and Kimmel, 2003). Example 1 An asset costs  ¿Ã‚ ¡11,000, its expected salvage value is  ¿Ã‚ ¡1,000, its estimated useful life is 5 years. Depreciable cost = ¿Ã‚ ¡11,000- ¿Ã‚ ¡1,000 = ¿Ã‚ ¡10,000 Annual depreciation expense = ¿Ã‚ ¡10,000/5years= ¿Ã‚ ¡2,000 OR Annual rate of depreciation =100%à ·5years=20% Annual depreciation expense = ¿Ã‚ ¡10,000*20%= ¿Ã‚ ¡2,000 Year 1 Cost  ¿Ã‚ ¡11,000 Depreciation 2,000 Year 2 Net book value 9,000 Depreciation 2,000 Year 3 Net book value 7,000 Depreciation 2,000 Year 4 Net book value 5,000 Depreciation 2,000 Year 5 Net book value 3,000 Depreciation 2,000 Net book value 1,000 The straight-line method is the simplest way among all the methods; it suitable for the use of asset is unvarying during the useful life; it is popular used by large corporation, such as Campbell Soup, Marriott Corporation and General Mills. However, the reducing balance method has a falling depreciation amount every year during the useful life of the asset. The changing depreciation is depended on the book value (cost less accumulated depreciation). It is calculated to multiply the book value at the beginning of the year and the reducing balance depreciation rate (Weygandt, Kieso and Kimmel, 2003). Example 2 An asset costs (book value at the beginning of year)  ¿Ã‚ ¡11,000, its expected salvage value is  ¿Ã‚ ¡1,000, its estimated useful life is 5 years. Reducing balance depreciation rate = 100%à ·5years=20%* Calculation o f  ¿Ã‚ ¡901.12( ¿Ã‚ ¡4505.6ÃÆ'-20%) is adjusted to  ¿Ã‚ ¡3505.6 in order to make the book value equal salvage value (Weygandt, Kieso and Kimmel, 2003). Sum of digits is another kind of reducing balance method, which has the closest connection with useful life and salvage value of the asset. The depreciation cost is multiply depreciation cost (asset cost less salvage value) by digits of each year (Mike, Ron and Allister, 1994). Example 3 An asset costs  ¿Ã‚ ¡11,000, its expected salvage value is  ¿Ã‚ ¡1,000, its estimated useful life is 5 years The digits add up is 1+2+3+4+5=15

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Database Management. MSSQL Server Database Essay

Database Management. MSSQL Server Database - Essay Example In this case the university requirements deal with a variety of services which requires their data to be stored in a database so that it can be successfully fetched and modified for performing a variety of functions. The database technology that can be offered for an online educational institution would be a server based database system for payment of student fees and other details, student registration, facilitating admission procedure, producing reports and others (, 2008). The MSSQL server database would most suitable for mapping the various requirements of the university. It is recognized to map the organizational requirements and used widely. It is able to take care of scalability of the university operations and service, meaning that it takes care of the various additions of new courses, new students and various other programs, modifications relating to the various rules and obligations. Improves visibility of operations for student registration and admission facilities. Stores appropriate records for further fetching of reports of student activity and staff activity. Quite easy to extend the schema for enlarging the database. This database variant serves a set of standards that is required to launch ecommerce database requirements. The features of the database are as follows: Efficient buffer management to cache pages in memory so that more amounts the pages are cached the better the system operates. The transaction management is quite efficient in the manner that if a transaction is not able to complete it is roll backed so that changes can be reversed. In that manner data integrity is maintained. The concurrency control is quite effective and it ensures data integrity. It facilitates replication which ensures that proper synchronization is done for the information in the databases. It also facilities merge and snapshot replication. The OLAP provides analysis services for the data objects. The reporting services and notification services serve as a great function to the database functionality. It offers a great GUI for dragging and dropping the elements in the database arena which had made it quite high in usability for greater acceptance and usage. It also offers greater facility for supporting various front end platforms for wide usage and business applicability. Conclusion Taking into account the above factors, MSSQL server stands out in the crowd for all the features which makes it quite flexible, scalable and cross-functional. The above features make sure that all the university would be able to accommodate all features required to make it a virtual campus and provide effective and efficient

The Correctional System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Correctional System - Essay Example So the problem of the overcrowding should be corrected at an early date. One of the best solutions to reduce the overcrowding in the correctional system is to give age limit to the offenders to have their punishment called "Aging out of crime". This age limit should be restricted to sixty (Territo, Halsted, & Bromley, 2004). The most imperative advantage of "Aging out of crime" is to save money in the expenditure of maintenance of the aged offenders in the correctional system. This overcrowding in the prison gives nothing beneficial to the system, as they are not able to do any constructive work, which are being done by prisoners. But their maintenance has to bear by the system up to their final ride. This saved money may efficiently be used by the system in nabbing another culprits who are active in doing various offences including the drug trafficking and human trafficking. Due to the overcrowding in the system a lot of offenders are released on the spot by taking bribe by the comp etent authority.

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Business Plane PowerPoint Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business Plane - PowerPoint Presentation Example The objective of the business is to increase the level of profitability by providing food at an affordable rate for every individual in SE London. This is possible by striving hard and becoming well known in the food market. The proposed business intends to target the young audience and the low income people who have the willingness to buy fruits. Moreover, a proper development in the field of logistics might help the business to gain a market presence and be competitive. To increase the sales, the various marketing strategies such as coupons and discounts will be provided to enhance financial gains in the upcoming future. Furthermore the financial requirement for the proposed business is estimated to be  £2 million in order to set up and execute its business operations. The estimated funds can be initiated from the private investors as well as High St. Banks in order to execute the finances and the supply chain in a proper manner for long-term sustainability of the business. The b usiness is primarily initiated to reduce the waste and earn profit by managing the fruits properly in the supply chain and marketing. Thus, the proposed business is useful to reduce the waste and increase the profit through the ugly fruits and vegetables sale by using low pricing strategy (The State of Queensland, 2013). The State of Queensland, 2013. Organizational Structure. Corporate Profile. [Online] Available at: [Accessed January 16,

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Evaluation of Agency's Human Resources Management Research Paper - 1

Evaluation of Agency's Human Resources Management - Research Paper Example Human resource also entail resource alignment whereby it integrates decisions concerning people and the outcome that the organization is striving to obtain. This paper will seek to develop an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the selected agency’s human resources management systems and processes and then provide recommendations for improvement. Ray Consortium is an agency located in the US. I did a research that revealed that this agency has processes and systems that intersect between information technology and human resource management. One of the agency’s major components of human resource processes for hiring and retaining is the enterprise resource-planning package (Department of Administration, 2004). In this package, the agency merges human resource management as a doctrine with its basic human resource processes and activities, within the field of information technology in particular (Lawler, 2004). With the emergency of enterprise resource planning software, this agency added its crucial components of planning to incorporate data processing systems programs that standardize routines and integrate information from and within various applications towards a single universal database (Briscoe, Schuler, & Tarique, 2011). According to the human resource manager of Ray Consortium, integration of enterprise resourc e planning as a major component of the agency’s human resource system facilitated faster and easier linkage of the agency’s human resource modules and financial modules. Furthermore, this agency has a performance appraisal process that evaluates employees’ performance, capabilities, and abilities and provides a systematic platform for rewarding. This procedure aims at motivating, mobilizing, and fostering their zeal towards their respective jobs (Lawler, 2004). In identifying predecessors of different sections of the agency, this agency uses modules of human resource that link performance of an employee through a single database that

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Vincent Van Gogh at the National Gallery of Art Essay

Vincent Van Gogh at the National Gallery of Art - Essay Example Reproductions of his work appear on posters, calendars, mouse pads, and other widespread consumer items. His influence was especially strong on the French Fauvists and German Expressionists immediately following his death. Even those works not immediately known today are quickly recognized by his unique style and approach, yet Van Gogh himself saw little of this success or popularity while he was alive. No publications can be found discussing his work while he was alive and only a few mentions of him, mostly negative, are found before 1910. However, paintings such as Wheatfield with Cypress reveal a great deal of the artist’s approach and emotion as well as the various ways in which he revolutionized the art world. Wheatfield with Cypress is an example of Van Gogh’s work while he was a resident at Saint-Remy hospital for the mentally unstable. It is a member of a series of paintings in which Van Gogh explored an image or a theme. Whether it was this painting or another one of the series, he wrote to his brother Theo that the trees â€Å"are always occupying my thoughts, I should like to make something of them like the canvases of the sunflowers, because it astonishes me that they have not yet been done as I see them. The tree is as beautiful of line and proportion as an Egyptian obelisk. And the green has a quality of such distinction. It is a splash of black in a sunny landscape, but it is one of the most interesting black notes, and the most difficult to hit off exactly that I can imagine† (cited in Wallace, 1969: 144). His fascination with the trees themselves as well as their contribution to the landscape overall is evident within this painting. The image depicts an initially confusing scene. The brightly lit landscape is covered by a swirling mass of clouds in a sky that seems eternally blue. The scene depicts a golden wheatfield not far from the hospital in which Van Gogh stayed in southern France.

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An interview with a small animal expert Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

An interview with a small animal expert - Essay Example The nature of the dog makes its most attractive among Americans and to many people around the world. Dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate. They also look affectionate and cute that endears them to most people. They are also safe and relatively easy to maintain. Psychologically, they also tend to fill some void among humans that makes them attractive to us. For example, many experts would advise for us to get a dog if we feel lonely and to some extent, dogs can make us feel a little less lonely. Yes dogs are very helpful in a family. First is that people in your house will have an automatic playmate. Do you also know that dogs are effective security guards and are extremely protective of their masters? They also bring laughter and joy in the family and to other people. Are brings a sense of affection and responsibility to children growing up. They teach children responsibility on how to take care of something which first begins with a dog. In fact, there are some schools where children are asked to have a dog for them to be taught responsibility. Dogs as cute and affectionate they may be are not for all people. Most people may love them but there are some people who finds them annoying and always â€Å"bother† them. Untrained dogs tend to have some â€Å"bothersome† trait as well such as destroying your things in the house or just plainly noisy. Most dogs becomes obedient when they are treated and fed well. But again, if the dog proves difficult, there are always obedient schools or people who could train dogs. Probably you mean rabies where people contracted it when bitten by dogs. Yes rabies and dangerous and could kill people in a very disturbing way. This however can easily be remedied by having the dog injected with an anti-rabies solution to neutralize its rabies. Dogs also don’t normally bit people especially their masters and that is even if they are hurt. But of course dogs are animals who

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Environmental audit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Environmental audit - Essay Example DISCUSSION Anything that impinges on the firm can be included in the environment. The environment is not stable; in fact, it is increasingly turbulent due to the era of change and uncertainty in which we live. Changes are happening faster and faster, requiring continual response on the part of businesses. Thereby, it is becoming increasingly imperative for companies to carry out feasibility studies and environmental audits to assess the nature of the new market and plan the strategies accordingly. Tesco is one of the largest food retailers on the globe. It operates approximately 2318 stores and its employer base is over 326,000 people. The largest market of Tesco is UK where it operates under four banners including Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. Tesco spans itself over almost 40,000 food products along with clothing and other non-food lines. Moreover, the company's self owned products which make 50 percent of the sales are at three levels, value, normal and finest. Tesco has g eographically expanded it self to locate in six countries in Europe along with UK, the Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Poland. It also operates in Asia, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan Jordan is a constitutional monarchy which gained independence from the British in 1946. It consists of a well-educated population and the economy is supported through foreign loans, remittances and international aid.. The environmental audit revolves around the PESTLE factors, which are the political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental elements. The PESTLE analysis would be used to develop strategies to help understand the environment that the company is entering and would operate in future. PESTLE analysis gives an overall picture of the feasibility of the venture and helps the organization in dealing with critical issues associated with entering an entirely new market. (Jewell, 2000) The political environment concerns the a ctivities of the state and trends in politics. Jordan is moving towards privatization, but still the government is in control. The mixture of privately and government-owned enterprises is called a mixed economy. The Business Freedom count of Jordan is 68.7 Business freedom is referred to the quantitative measure that assesses the overall regulatory burden to start, operate and close a business and depicts the regulatory efficiency of the government. The business freedom score is calculated between 0 to 100, 100 being the score of countries with the freest business environment. (The Heritage Foundation, 2011) Operating in a globalized environment with stores around the globe, Tesco's performance is highly influenced by the political and legislative conditions of the countries that it operates in, including the European Union (EU). (South, 2007) The economic variables play an important role in the environmental audit. The economic variables include the rate of growth of output and inc ome, the level of employment, the rate of inflation, the exchange rate and the balance of payments. (Jewell, 2000) Jordan has been progressing towards its economic infrastructure which has aided economic growth regardless of the challenging global economic environment. Levels of trade, fiscal, and investment freedom

My Philosophy change is a challenge Essay Example for Free

My Philosophy change is a challenge Essay I. Introduction Man needs philosophy in order to be able to think, act and live accordingly. It is a basic blueprint of a man’s actions from thinking, to interacting with others. The only thing that is constant is change. This saying is indeed true especially in the Philippine Education System. For every change implemented lies challengers on the part of the classroom teachers who portrays varied roles. The rapid changes in the world have made curriculum design even more difficult. to be globally competitive II. Aims of my Philosophy chosen There is a need to revise the curriculum from time to time for us to suit the needs of time. We should go on with the flow of life and we should revise it now because curriculum in the past is not anymore very effective or suited for today’s generation As pro active individual I consider Change as a challenge and not a threat. Meeting new challenges require the opportunity to take risks and try new ideas. As a learning individual change is inevitable to meet the needs of society. In a fast changing society education is one way to connect oneself to the past and to project into the future and therefore aims in Philosophy should be considered. III. Role of Philosophy chosen to Education Education and philosophy are closely tied together; both are associated with teaching, learning, and discovering. Philosophy is more of an all-encompassing part of life, though; education is a more specific form of it. Due to the contributions of philosophers over the centuries, education has developed into the powerful tool that it is today. Without philosophy, education would essentially not exist. That said importance of philosophy in education is in fact the foundation in which all academic teaching and intellectual learning is built off. IV. Role of Philosophy to the content development 1. It guides everyone to plan collaboratively for school change to meet the learner’s diverse needs 2. It serves as a vehicle to open new ideas for positive outcomes 3 It strengthens the goals on meeting challenges for a fully functional learner. Language is dynamic as well as the curriculum. We have different curriculum in the past and in the present. We are now in a globally competitive world. A world that also needs competitive teachers and students. So, how will you become competitive if your curriculum is traditional? And is not aware of the new trends of teaching today? Students now are fond of using computers. They will probably choose going to the computer shop than going to school. As a teacher, what will you do? Don’t be a boring teacher! An effective way of solving this kind of phenomena is that the teachers must use technology in teaching. Make it as your partner in delivering a lesson so that the students will not get bored. Make a teaching-learning process lively and meaningful. Teaching and learning give life and meaning to the curriculum because this is the process wherein the teacher and the students interact with each other interchangeably or vice versa. If there is an effective teaching-learning process, it’s really a big help to the curriculum. It’s a big honor because each complements and supplements each other. The value placed in teaching will reap the same value in learning. Thus, a good curriculum can be judged by the kind if teaching and the quality of learning derived from it. The most important thing to keep in mind about strategic content development is that it’s truly an improvisational process. The reason why you want to identify as many viable options for potentially remarkable content is simple: You’ll almost certainly need to make adjustments on the process, and it’s easier to do that when you’ve already identified alternatives. So, the final aspect of strategic content development is to constantly evaluate what happened along the way, and why. The most valuable lessons are often found in the things that didn’t work, so treat it all as a learning experience that keeps your content constantly fresh and worth talking about. V. Significant effect of this curriculum development to the current trends in attaining universal truth in Educational Process In 2012 Deped’s K 12 Program goes full blast. Brother Armin Luistro has described the implementation of the universal primary or pre-school education in the Philippines as the â€Å"defining moment† in the administration of President Aquino as it seeks to implement reforms with deep impact on the welfare of Filipino children and the youth. DepEd’s enhanced curriculum aims to meet the overall objective of preparing children for productive work, either as employees or entrepreneurs, while maintaining its current academic thrust It seems that the President is rushing this program before his term ends. If this program is not implemented well, we might not achieve our real objectives. And all we have done is to disrupt the whole system. Changing programs and implementing new ones is not cheap. Will the next President change the system again? In a survey conducted by SWS from Aug. 24 to 27 last year showed growing acceptability of the key features of the K-12 program compared to survey results in March 2012. About 72 percent of Filipino adults believe that K-12 will give students more sufficient knowledge and preparation for work and college compared to those who finished 10 years of basic education, garnering a net rating of +48, up from +35 last March. The percentage of Filipinos who believe that more students will be encouraged to finish the two-year SHS because it is equivalent to two years of college hit 69 percent, or a 10- point increase from 59 percent in March. The results showed that 68 percent of Filipinos with a net rating of +39 believe that more students will finish SHS even with the additional cost and number of years because K-12 graduate will be better prepared for work, higher education, and business. The results of the survey did’nt even reach 75% which means some are not amenable to the new program. Although the selling point of K to 12 is the assurance that graduates of Senior High School will be able to work immediately, even before or without seeking a college degree Under certain circumstances, it is possible to revise only the high school curriculum. Even in this case, we have to wait until those already in First Year have finished Fourth Year (under the present system). After drawing up a curriculum on paper (including such things as expected competencies, prerequisites, qualifications, learning areas, scope, coverage, and outcomes), curriculum designers have to think about the textbooks and other instructional materials that will have to be created for the new or revised subjects. Although teacher training is a separate process, curriculum designers also have to give pointers on how teachers should be trained to handle the subjects. There also has to be some way to determine if and when the curriculum needs to be revised; this is called program assessment or evaluation. Because of abrupt implementation teachers are really having a hard time coping with the changes not to mention the lack of classrooms, instructional materials and the real physical situation of the learners. If the government can financially sustain the program without adding too much burden on parents, it’s worth giving it a try. However, nowadays, most of the students are the happy-go-lucky types who do not regard education as their priority. They’d rather bum around in malls or stay glued to computers. As a result, most graduates are half-baked, who can’t even write or speak good English, unlike the students of yesteryears. Before, a Grade 6 pupils then could already teach. An additional two years to the basic education curriculum could spell two more years of burden to poor parents who could hardly send their children to school. Before full implementation, there usually is a year-long pilot to debug the curriculum, as well as a longer transition period within which some students will be following the old curriculum and some following the new. Curriculum should not only focus on the tools necessary to develop reasoned and logical construction of new knowledge in our various fields of study, but also should aggressively cultivate a culture that nurtures creativity in all of our learners. This point seems particularly important.

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Time Catherine and Rodolfo Essay Example for Free

Time Catherine and Rodolfo Essay Eddie asks Rodolfo if he has ever boxed before. Rodolfo says no, and Eddie asks if he would like him to show him how it done. Reluctantly Rodolfo agrees. Rodolfo doesnt want to box, but he is so desperate to please Eddie that he agrees. Eddie only wants to make a fool out of Rodolfo. After the fight it is as if the fight has enlightened Rodolfo, he now half realises, that Eddie dislikes him completely, and there is nothing he can do to correct that. Rodolfo asks Catherine to dance. This is done to annoy Eddie, and it works just as Rodolfo wished it to. We now come to the end of act 1. We have seen most aspects of each persons personality, and where they stand in the story. WE shall now discover what lengths each character will go to, to have his/her own way. Alfieri introduces this act, back in the roll of narrator. He tells us the date, the 23rd of December. He also tells us that it is the first time Catherine and Rodolfo have been alone in the house together. One of the earlier excuses Eddie had given to Catherine why she should not marry Rodolfo, was because Eddie thought all that Rodolfo wanted from her was rights to be a citizen. Catherine asks Rodolfo, as a test, if she wanted to, if they could live in Italy when they get married. Rodolfo hates the idea, which only worries Catherine even more. It seems now that everyone except Eddie and Catherine realise Eddies infatuation with Catherine is serious. And here, Catherine starts to realise it too. When Eddie gets home and realises that Catherine and Rodolfo have slept together; Eddie goes mad and his immediate reaction is to tell Rodolfo to pack his bags and leave. Catherine faces up to the situation finally and tells Eddie that she must go with Eddie. Eddie denies her the right completely and refuses to let Catherine go. In Catherines next piece of dialogue we see all her problems come out in her words. She loves Eddie, but not in the same way that he loves her. She wants to stay with Rodolfo because she is the one she truly loves, but Eddie does not want Catherine to go with Rodolfo, and Catherine knows this and does not want to upset Eddie. She knows that she must upset Eddie, as it is the only way out of the situation. Eddie tells her that she: Aint goin nowheres And then he kisses her on the lips. Why does he do that, is he finally facing up to his feelings? Rodolfo lunges at Eddie in anger, but Rodolfo is no match for Eddie, and Eddie merely pins him and then kisses him. This kiss is to ridicule Rodolfo, to show Catherine that she should not marry someone so weak as to let another man kiss him. Or maybe he does this because he thinks that Rodolfo is homosexual. After this scene the play suddenly calms down and becomes certainly more serene. Alfieri narrates, and then turns to when Eddie comes to see him. From what Eddie says, it seems that Eddie got his way. He tells Alfieri that Beatrice is renting a room for Marco and Rodolfo. Eddie wants to know again, if there is anything he can do. Alfieri tells him, Morally and legally you have no rights, you cannot stop it; she is a free agent. This is in regard to Rodolfo marrying Catherine. When Eddie finally excepts it. A telephone glows on the opposite side of the stage, and Alfieri realises what Eddie is going to do. He shouts after him, You wont have a friend in the world Eddie! Even those who understand will turn against you, even the ones who feel the same will despise you! Put it out of your mind! Eddie! This is the last piece of advice Eddie is given, and he does not listen to it. He telephones the immigration bureau and reports two illegal immigrants. At home he acts as if he has done nothing. He argues with Beatrice normally, as if he has no guilt for what he has done. Catherine tells Eddie of her and Rodolfos plans of marriage. He gets upset despite the fact that he knows they will never marry. Just before the immigration officers arrive, Eddie realises what he has done and screams at Beatrice and Catherine to get Rodolfo and Marco out of the house, but it is too late. The immigration officers arrive, both Beatrice and Catherine realise what Eddie has done. Catherine streaks into the bedroom and Beatrice stares at him in horror. Eddie tries to deny it. But there is nothing he can do. He has done it now. The scene now is all of his friends, leaving him, just like Alfieri said they would, one by one they leave Eddie standing there alone, and they only person left is Beatrice. The next scene involves Marco, Alfieri, Catherine and Rodolfo. Alfieri tells Marco that there is a chance that Rodolfo can stay and marry Catherine, but he will have to go back to his country, but as long as he promises not to try to kill or in any way harm Eddie, he could possibly get bail. Marco finds it difficult, but agrees that he will not harm Eddie. The scene changes back to just before the wedding, Eddie will not permit Beatrice to go to the wedding, Catherine is outraged, and tries to persuade Beatrice but they are interrupted by Rodolfo who shouts, Marco is coming, Eddie He knows that Marco will kill Eddie, but Eddie will not move, no matter how much Beatrice tries to persuade him. Rodolfo tries to apologise to Eddie, is he apologising because hes not a man or because he is more than a man? Eddie wants to fight to prove that he is a man, and Marco wants to fight to show people what he did to him, to get his revenge in a way. Eddie seems to be finding it hard to stay sain. Eddie could easily walk away, but he doesnt want to because of Sicilian honour. The knife, which Eddie is ready to kill Marco with, kills him. His lasts words are to Beatrice, which is interesting, and shows that maybe thats what it took for him to realise that what he had before with Beatrice meant so much more. The play finishes with a speech by Alfieri. A line, which means a lot, is: For that I think I will love him more than any of my sensible clients It is making a joke out of a clearly unfunny situation, but it lightens the play, and it is a good time to put it in. It finishes with: And so I mourn him I admit it with a certain alarm. This is a very good place to end the play. Alfieri was the unbiased character who gave us an all-round view, and was a good friend to all the characters involved.

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Introduction To The Impact Of Violence In Video Games Media Essay

Introduction To The Impact Of Violence In Video Games Media Essay Just like movies and other forms of media, video games have always been criticized as an influence to violent and aggressive behavior by news print media and public opinion. There has always been an argument about video games imparting graphic violence, partial or full nudity, portrayal of immoral behavior or other provoking and offensive material to a childs mind. Studies indicate that video games are one of the prime factors contributing to addiction and aggression. Yet numerous studies have found that video games dont contribute to these problems. Moreover, several groups have claimed that there are few if any methodically proven studies to support these reports, and that the video game industry has become an easy target for the media to be accountable for many contemporary problems. Also, many researchers have proposed possible positive effects of video games on parts of communal and mental development and psychological well-being. It has been presented that action video game players have far better hand and eye coordination and visual and motor skills, such as their resistance to distraction and their sensitivity to information in the outlying vision and also their ability to count briefly presented objects than non-players. Purpose of violence in video games I believe that today our media reflects us as a culture. Besides that it also helps form that culture in turn. Humanity embraces violence, as shown by thousands and thousands of years of history. We desire peace while formulating war. Its a very human contrast. Why, then, wouldnt our most popular pastime involve the same clash? We want innovation; nevertheless we still seek out the experiential violence that we hanker as a species. I also believe that its far better to allow ourselves to shoot each other online in simulated virtual worlds than do so in real life. As I have explored video gaming as a cultural occurrence, Ive found that every players experience of games is completely different. My own non-violent trends color my responsiveness of games that are explicit in their subjects of war and violence and cruelty. I am not stating that i dont see the significance in such games, particularly when taking  into account the existing modern culture. What has been an excellent instrument to exhibit how societies view and express themselves are written media, films and novels which expresses war, death , life and what it worth to be a human. I feel Video games are no different. They are reaching to a certain critical mass, in terms of technological ability and thematic scope that, I believe, will compete with the range and impact of film and books in a very short span of time. Hopefully, videogames mature into their full potential as a media and they begin to take on other themes and topics such as Love, and family, and working together in soc iety as much a part of being a human as war and violence. Problem Statement Purpose of Dissertation I am writing this dissertation to display how video games have matured, switching from the days of gentle  Pac-Man  clones to the gritty, sleazy underworlds of  Grand Theft Auto. Through this transformation, they have found critics and supporters. Though this may all seem recent, its a debate that has been boiling for years. Research Questions: What is the role of video games in the media world? With what can we evaluate the violence exposure and aggression? How is the attitude of viewers and players changing their values and behavior? What ways can help the field of gaming to be free of negative impact? Is there a significant evidence that exposure to media violence is a risk factor for aggressive and violent behavior? What is the conclusion of the issue of violence in relation to videogames? What effect does the violence in video games have on the users? What percentage of violence is accredited to video games? Methodology Contents About On Existing Information Practical Approach About This dissertations main object is to show the impact of violence in video games on todays culture and consumer preferences. The document will show both the negative and positive effects of violence in video games. On Existing Information It is made sure that all the information gathered through various electronic and traditional media are as current as possible. For this dissertation Ive used Google as my prime source material, while supplementing this thesis are various news websites like, and various relevant print media. Further more I would be researching books on video game violence and collect data from the already existing surveys and studies. Practical Approach My approach would be to show how violence in videogames shape the psychological behavior of the consumer and show what are the positive and negative effects of too much violence and graphic themes in modern day video games. I would be conducting various surveys and research on ground level, and based on most current controversial events that have occurred in the world of video games. Based on the demography of the recipient I would be taking some surveys that would have ask them their preferences and inclination towards graphic violence, nudity, gore etc.

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wheelchair :: essays research papers

The Technological Environment   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Invacare Corporation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of non-acute health care products. The company designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive line of health care products for the non-acute care environment, including the home health care, retail and extended care markets. Invacare continuously revises and expands its product lines to meet changing market demands and currently offers over 25,000 home health care and medical equipment provider locations throughout the world.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Several factors will contribute to the growth in the sales of domestic home medical equipment products. Life expectancy has continued to increase over the years and the growth in the population over 65 will increase in the coming years. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) states that the average life expectancy for men and women who reach the age of 65 is now 81 and 84. The DHHS also reports that people age 65 or older represent the vast majority of home health care patients and will increase from 12% of the population in 2000 to 20% of the population by the year 2050. A large percentage of people using home and community based health care services are 65 years of age or older. To serve and gain business from this growing population Invacare will need to address their present and future product lines.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Medical equipment has become increasingly adaptable for use in the home due to technological advances. Patients are discharged earlier form hospitals than in previous years, which lengthens recovery periods outside of the hospital. In addition continuing medical advances prolong the lives of adults and children, which increases the demand for home medical care equipment. To address this growing market Invacare has come out with several new products. The HomeFill II Patient Convenience Pack ML4 is an all new portable oxygen supply system that is lightweight and easy to transport for oxygen patients. Patients can fill their cylinders themselves in their own home, which gives them freedom and independence – they no longer have to wait for cylinder deliveries.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A new bariatrics program offers complete solutions approach for the bariatric provider and their clients and features the full line of Invacare bariatric products. Making it easy to find the right product, the bariatric catalog employs color coding to sort products by weight capacity. The Invacare Full Electric Low Bed was designed for situations where rails are not desirable or appropriate, but injuries from falling out of bed are still a concern.

Emily Dickinsons God Essay -- Papers Religion Emily Dickinson Essays

Emily Dickinson's God Works Cited Not Included God, to Emily Dickinson, is seen in more than a church or a cathedral. God is seen in her poems in relationship to such themes as nature and the individual existence. These thematic ties are seen in such poems as "It might be lonelier," and "Some keep the Sabbath going to church." "Some keep the Sabbath going to Church" consists of the differences that exist between Dickinson's way of being close to God and many other people's ways of being close to God. While some may go to church every Sunday in honor of the Sabbath, Dickinson stays home and reflects. "A bobolink" is her "Chorister" and instead of a clergyman preaching, "God preaches" (Hillman 36). Dickinson believes she can find God on her own, without the assistance of a preacher or such. Nature, to Dickinson, is the equivalent of a chapel, its congregation, its clergyman, and its choir. Rica Brenner, a critic, wrote that she believed, "Nature, for Emily Dickinson, was the means for the enjoyment of the senses," (Brenner 288). Dickinson finds God, in the fullest sense, in nature. She does not feel as if a church would really convey the full affect of God, at least not to her. "The Sunday God of New England Orthodoxy, distant, awful, cruelly stern, was not for her," (Brenner 274). Dickinson, though she progressively conveys a disdain for the church and its idea of God in her poems, cares for people and nature. She values them above most other things and sees God in them. It can even be said that she rejects the church in the name of God, nature, and the human race, in addition to doing it in the name of her own sanity. Ric... ...d, his life was rare, and his paradise held infinite beauties for those who achieved it. On the other hand, he could be made of flint," (Farr 67). This implies that Dickinson believed in God, just in case there really was a heaven. True, she most likely wouldn't have sacrificed if she didn't think she was going to go to heaven, but she believed in God, and he was not in her own image. If she did create God in her own image, she would have understood better what she believed about him. Instead, she was always wrestling with the quest for who God was and if he even existed at all. The question as to what Dickinson's view of God is never definitively answered in her poetry. As the reader discovers what Dickinson believes about God, the speaker discovers as well. God remains a mystery in the poems of Emily Dickinson.

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements :: Adverts, Compare and Contrast

A Comparison of Two Advertisements I am going to compare the two advertisements l have been given, one is 'Save the children' and one is 'Barnardo's'. The points I am going to discuss are logo and contact information, slogan use of emotive language, use of repetition, pictures, use of 'you', message, appeal and target audience. The logo in the 'Save the Children' leaflet is the upper half of a body reaching upwards. It is encircled by a thick line with a gap before it reaches the body. The contact information is not clearly seen, it is in small print, in white writing, against a grey background below one of the logos and slogans. It is in a clear font style and states all of the necessary information. It includes the 'Registered Charity Number'. The logo is usually blood red on either a grey, white or black background. It is placed a lot throughout the leaflet but on the last page it is placed next to the contact information in a clear place so that the contact information follows the solution having a bigger impact on YOU making a donation. The logo on the 'Barnardo's' advertisement only appears once. It is three people holding hands; they are positioned so that they look like they are running. Two of them are bigger than the middle one, which looks as if it is running and being lifted by the adults. It looks as if the one having fun and as it they are free. It is in a light colour, most probably white (I have a black & white copy) and the background is black. The contact information is clearly stated in an 'easy read' font size and it is strategically placed at the bottom of the page so you see it last and it becomes the last thing on your mind so you remember it. The contact information is clearly stated in an 'easy read' font size and it is also placed at the bottom of the page. The sentence 'Make a donation' is placed just before the phone number.

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Personality Determinants Essay

Heredity refers to those factors that were determined at conception. Physical structure, facial attractiveness, gender, temperament, muscle composition and reflexes, energy level, and biological rhythms are characteristics that are generally considered to be either completely or substantially influenced by who your parents were, that is by their biological, physiological and inherent psychological makeup. The environmental factors that exert pressures on our personality formation are the culture in which we are raised, our early conditioning, the norms among our family, friends and social groups, and other influences that we experience. The environment to which we are exposed plays a substantial role in shaping our personalities A third factor, the situation, influences the effects of heredity and environment on personality. An individual’s personality although generally stable and consistent, does change in different situations. The varying demand of different situation calls forth different aspects of one’s personality. We should not therefore look upon personality patterns in isolation. Subconscious Programming Most of us sometimes get programmed / conditioned by a wrong messages that â€Å" do not do that†, â€Å"don’t take the risk†, â€Å"you cannot do that† you are not good in †¦and so on†¦.. You can imagine the bad effect such message can have on any person. Our Conscious Mind is like a watch man. And the Subconscious Mind is a store of all the previously programmed or conditioned information / knowledge/ believes. Now programming personality means putting positive believes/ information into the store without the knowledge of the watchman (conscious mind). Suppose you tell yourself that â€Å"you are good at Public Speaking†. And the store has stored based on peoples comments and experience that â€Å"you are poor in communication† â€Å"you cannot speak well in public†, â€Å"you don’t have an impressive body language† †¦.. The watch man sees your sentence and compares it with the knowledge in its store and says â€Å"this information is wrong†. The watchman throws the new information away. He does not allow the new positive information into the store. This is the fundamental difficulty in changing personality & behavior of a person. Now the question is how and when we could program our mind for positive personality trait without the obstruction of watchman†¦ The answer is we can program our mind for positive personality traits during the Twilight period just before sleeping and just before waking up. This is the time when the conscious mind is active enough to generate the positive traits for entering into store but inactive to judge/compare and will not obstruct to the positive traits to enter into the subconscious store house. Reinforced Programming / Conscious Programming Autosuggestion and Repetition of the positive traits despite negative response from comparison with the store house also gives success in programming for personality traits. Auto-suggestion is a statement made in the present tense, of the kind of person you want to be. Auto-suggestion are like a commercial about â€Å"Super You†, or â€Å"Future Super You† for yourself what you want to be or achieve. They influence both your conscious and subconscious mind in the long run shaping your personality and attitude. Auto-suggestions are the conscious way to programme the subconscious mind for positive traits. It is the effective method of voluntary development of positive traits and attitudes. Auto-suggestion should be mixed with emotions. All such reinforced / conscious programming which have been emotionalized (giving feeling) and mixed with applied faith, begin immediately to translate themselves into physical or real equivalent. Auto-suggestive thoughts which are mixed with any of the feeling of emotions constitute a â€Å"psycho-magnetic† force which attracts other similar or related thoughts. Our subconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance if you the seeds of more desirable crops are not sown therein. Auto-suggestion is the agency of control through which an individual can voluntarily feed his subconscious mind on thoughts of creative/ positive nature or by neglect permit thoughts of a destructive nature to find their way into the rich garden of mind. So Caution should be taken while programming your mind for positive traits only. Defensive Approach One of this type of approach is protest or deny the negative traits at it’s very beginning of the entering in the subconscious store. And the second is to consciously avoid this type of environment or situation. In real life situation it is very difficult because it may lead to confrontation and argument or Inaction. Another problem in this is that most of us have some negative traits previously in our store house due to our past experience and conditioning. Imaginary Anchoring or Invisible Counseling Committee While watching a picture we anchor the Hero, placing ourselves in place of hero. Similarly we can anchor Great men in imagination and let them shape our personality. Another is the Invisible Counseling Committee comprising of great personalities of your choice. We can counsel from these great minds at times or situation. What decision or action he would have been taken in my situation.. Winston Churchill the war time British Prime Minister was following this principle. He had his Imaginary Counseling Committee by the side of his Chamber. Many great decisions he used to take by following these principles. Physical Action / Body Language Approach In general it is the positive practice or experiencing desired traits whether the desired perfection achieved or not. It is generally said that our personality traits control our body language. But it is a fact that the reverse is also true. This meanswe can change our negative traits towards positive traits by consciously practicing the body language for positive traits. Domino-effect. Direct exposure to good personalities or environment Here the direct environment is the driving force in shaping the personalities. When one constantly remains in direct contact with great personalities will enriches his own to be the one. Similarly the organization culture and structure also many times influences ones personality. Sometimes it is the guiding principle for job satisfaction / recruitment.

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Peter Kolchin, American Slavery

For the retiring(a) quarter century Edmund S. Morgan has been one of the more or less prolific and respected authors of early American history. This is an excellent, in depth survey of Virginia?s colonial experience, with an emphasis on how the on the face of it contradictory institutions of thr totally and equalitarian republicanism authentic simultaneously.Indeed, Morgan argues that Virginians? definition of freedom, and their very ability to demonstrate a republican political system, be upon the creation of African slavery. Morgan shows that institutionalized slavery did not necessarily have to puzzle part of British colonization the earlier slopemen to dream of a colonial conglomerate hoped for the establishment of a utopian conjunction in which natives could benefit from enlightened English governance that recognized the inherent rights of all men.Early English explorers even helped to trick out revolts against the Spanish by their slaves in Latin America, and while they were motivated by their receive interests in doing so, they clearly were volition to track their slave co-conspirators as equals. However, the utopian word form of colonization died with the failed block at Roanoke in the 1580s. The founders of Jamestown quickly learned racism towards the Indians, whom Morgan speculates they driven into warfare out of frustration at their own inability to support themselves.The settlement eventually became prosperous as the colonists learned to produce tobacco for market, but it was hardly the ideal society envisioned by the founders. Labor shortages were endemic, as to make a profit planters needed to control a large number of destined servants. regrettably (for the planters), laborers needed only to serve for a limited period before ambit up business for themselves, and thus creating emulation for the planters.To check this competition, planters made it difficult for freedmen to cloud lands of their own (land was plentiful, but ac reage with entre to shipping had been almost totally monopolized by the large planters), which resulted in freedmen foregoing planting, and comme il faut lazy, shiftless, and at times rebellious. Moreover, planters treated their indentured servants so poorly that as intelligence agency of their condition drifted back to England, fewer of the render country?s poor were willing to indenture themselves, especially as the burdens of overpopulation were existence reduced at home.

Body soul destinction Essay

Body soul destinction Essay

The body is all about the bodily aspects of the brain-neurons and also the way in which the brain is structured.Many philosophers therefore make a important distinction between the mind and body, the dualist view that a person is made of two separate substances. On the other hand, some philosophers take a monist/ materialist view that the mind and the body are the thk same substance. This is a contentious area of philosophy, and has created a debate known as â€Å"the mind, human body problem†.Such philosophers as Plato take a dualist view and try to offer further evidence to suggest a distinction between the body and soul.It is located in space and time.Plato used evidence such as the â€Å"world of the forms†. He suggested deeds that by taking care of the soul and ignoring physical pleasures the soul can return to the word of the forms when the body dies. The evidence of Plato’s theory can be seen everyday.For the body to survive it must meet its basic need s such as food, reproduction and own physical pleasure.

He thought that soul and the body were two unique materials.’ According to Aquinas, the soul operates independently of the body. Aquinas believed the only things that are divisible into parts decay. The soul is not divisible logical and therefore on this basis of Aquinas’ argument it is able to survive death. However, through the link with a more particular human body the soul becomes an individual so even when the body dies the own soul that departs has an immortal existence.A acceptable comprehension of death is critical to be aware of the real character of how our presence.This supports the dualist view as firstly, it proves that the soul is immortal and lives on after death, and secondly that the soul is separate from the body as the man who claims to be Jesus appears to be unrecognisable implying he has a different physical appearance. For Christians try this will act as firm evidence that there is a body soul distinction, however for those who are not Christ ian the evidence may not be so reliable.Cartesian particle duality formed by Rene Descartes, describes the mind and body as being separates and is based on the prepositional phrase † I think therefore I am.† Descartes explained that feelings and sensations cannot be located physically.

This economic theory is extremely vague however.Descartes evidence is based on the assumption that we can live without the body. He concluded that the body has the job of best performing physical activities however, it is the mind that contains our identity. For Descartes the human mind is I, that we can live without the body as the mind makes us who we are. Descartes took the most religious view that after our death the soul is able to continue and be with God.His natural philosophy is much like the beliefs of nearly all Christians now about the spirit.Evidence for Swinburne’s theory comes from damn near death experiences.In many instances people have claimed to have had near death personal experiences whereby their hearts have stopped during surgery and yet they have reported detailed accounts of what happened during the time they were clinically dead. For some try this is evidence for consciousness, however if the body and soul is one entity this would be impossible. This therefore implies that there is something that lives on when the physical body is dead, for dualists this would be the soul.

Each element of the soul plays a role in the new equilibrium of the person.Some of Dawkins work includes the â€Å"selfish gene† and the â€Å"blind watchmaker† Within these he rejects any idea of the religious view of dualism and within the â€Å"selfish gene† he explains that humans are a lucky accident and that all life is opportunistic and humans what are merely genetic mutations with the need to mindlessly replicate. Dawkins does not deny human dignity and accepts the computational complexity of human life to be able to contemplate the origins of human life.The evidence unlooked for Dawkins theory of biological materialism is based on DNA. Dawkins explains DNA as a code of instructions deeds that is made up of millions of strands of genetic information.This primal signal could have later evolved to be a indication of emotional along with complete physical distress.He stated that humans are one composite being, one substance. His theory the â€Å"repli ca theory† he realised from a religious point of view the problem was continuity. In life after death technological how can someone be the same person without their body. Therefore Hick suggests that there curfew must be some kind of replica.

An individual should be very careful as they live how that they conduct themselves.Some national accounts during the new testament describe Jesus after the resurrection and was recognised by followers before ascension. From a religious full view this is evidence for the replica theory as it appears that Jesus died logical and when he came back had the same physical appearance as well as the same personality.Identity theory puts forward a materialist view of the soul. Identity theory is against behaviourism logical and suggests that the mind and the brain are in the same place.Its part of a complete individual without it is logical not composed of components such as the nonliving and living things and which a human being isnt complete and it cannot end.An analogy for this is that a woman can be a mother, a daughter and a little sister etc. The same person can have many functions, it is therefore the same for the rat brain which as well as having the functions we already recognis e such as controlling physical activity, speaking and less controlling bodily functions it can also control the mind.Overall, although religious philosophy offers an explanation unlooked for the body soul distinction it is based on little empirical evidence. For those who already follow the religion it may fit in with their beliefs however, for those who are militant atheist of follow another religion the evidence that it uses makes little logical sense.

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Review of Related Literature Essay

The critical review of connect belles-lettres for this issue foc wonts on diverse anterior studies almost(predicate) on the job(p)(a) savants locally and distant the art slight. These studies bring out models and whatever(prenominal) compositors case postulate of a deceaseing learner including the causal agencys wherefore savants be vehemence to head for the hills be also enumerated. (cited,.) ( Hindu ako sealed dito) topical anaesthetic literature check to the missionary station on highschool pedagogy (CHED) about 216,000 pupils in the country be shortly hoodwink schooling and attain, this come in is about 8% of the come up topic of college bookmans in the country. CHED verbalize running(a) students right a room be largely into sustenance service, frolic and sales, obscure from their wonted(prenominal) stints as subroutine library and seek assistants. collectable to pecuniary crisis thats wherefore they unavoidableness a duplicate income, express lawyer Julito Vitriolo, stancer-in-charge at CHEDs office of the executive director director.He also added that these students ar obligate to break down because of high good prices and tutorship fees. The CHED state that solitary(prenominal) 50% of running(a)s(a)(a) students own to force out college, as most(prenominal) can non roll in the hay and can non concentrate on on their studies, speckle round countenance inadequate health, eon differents restrain up because of poor funds.CHED aw atomic number 18 browse students to consider jobs that ar non that demanding, and that are to a greater extent close cerebrate to their courses. foreign publications gibe to the subject oculus for program line Statistics in America, in 2007 most one-half (45 per centum) of traditionalistic undergraduatesthat is, students betwixt the ages of sixteen and twenty-four attend college copious judgment of convictionworked art object e nrolled. slightly 80 percent of traditional-age undergraduates attendance college business office era worked plot of land enrolled. The kernel of achievemention students pop off workss has been of change magnitude consult for the educators that dish up them and, in some instances, the students themselves. new data would bode that 80% of American undergraduates worked firearm charge college in 1999-2000 (King, 2003).This represents an 8% growing oer the coterie little than a hug drug previously, among whom 72% worked(Cuccaro-Alamin & Choy,1998). Further, in that location appears to be a unfluctuating corpse of literature that back breakers to the arrogant make of not on the job(p)(a) versus working bit attending college (King, 2002 Pascarella& Terenzini, 1991).As College lineup constitution psychoanalyst sandy Baum argues in a 2010 parade of essays I edited, grounds the on the job(p) College l realiseer modernistic search and Its Implications for insurance policy and Practice, slice some of these students are awarded work as sidetrack of their fiscal aid package, some other students all do not let work-study bread and butter or stripping such(prenominal) awards substandard to grasp the cost of attendance. well-nigh traditional-age students may use habit as a way to seek passage options or earn outgo money.For other students, especially big(a) students, work is a fall in of their identity, as hum Kasworm, a prof of bountiful pedagogy at northwest Carolina order University, and other contributors to understanding the working(a) College scholar point out. heed little of the reason for working, move to light upon the eightfold and some dates impertinent synchronous demands of the roles of student, employee, parent, and so on ofttimes creates high levels of judge and anxiety, fashioning it less(prenominal) in all likelihood that students forget remove their degrees. How does functional Affects learners triumph (?) slightly researchers sire report that the to a greater extent time a student devotes to employment, the less he or she has for either donnish or tender activities (Fjortoft, 1995). Although this may kick the bucket the students with less time, what is the continue on college success? roughly studies withstand looked at the effect of working on accessible and donnish integratingor student engagement. This is an in-chief(postnominal) broker in student appearance hypothesis (Bean, 1985 Pascarella & Staver, 1985 Tinto, 1975) that has tenacious been cogitate with sedulousness (Kuh, 1995 Pascarella & Terrenzini, 1983).Lundberg (2004) examined a case savour of 3,774 responses to the College Student Experiences Questionnaire (CSEQ) and set up that students working more than than 20 hours per week report world-shakingly less interactions with might and dismount choice student relationships with peers. Cheng (2004) examined how work alter the academician and sociable receive of college students, using a change integrity rule design, and entrap no significant remnant surrounded by working and nonworking students in their academic and sociable experience, though working students GPAs are raze than those of the nonworking(p. 1).Bibliographyhttp// condition/understanding-working-college-student.VLCOT9KUf5N http//

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Competition in video game consoles Essay

rival in ikon feeble sympathize withs The evince of the fighting for supremacy in 2008 1. What argon the st evaluategy-shaping crease and economic characteristics of the comfort divide of the word-painting hazard exertion? What is the patch up the the equal? 1-1 social function The assist was section into ease ironwargon, encour jump on pack climb on ( to a greater extent or little(prenominal) gross r even soue and rentals), hand-held computer computer hardw be, take hold bundle program (both gross gross gross and rentals), PC computer softw be program package package harvest- shell (both gross taxation and rentals), broadband, syner hireic TV, and bustling ph iodin(a)s. 1-2 commercialise sizing of it sidestep 1 size of the contendledge domainwide photo p bay enticedow of lands grocerys, by Sector, 2000, 2003, and 2005, with Projections for 2010 ($ in megs) 2000 2003 2005 2010 comfort ironw be $ 4,791 $6,047 $3,894 $5,77 1 solace package (both gross revenue and rentals) 9,451 16,449 13,055 17,164 hold ironwargon 1,945 1,501 3,855 1,715 take hold softw argon program(both gross revenue and rentals) 2,872 2,238 4,829 3,113 PC softw be (both gross revenue and rentals) 5,077 3,806 4,313 2,955 wideband 70 497 1,944 6,352 synergetic TV 81 249 786 3,037 wide awake reverberates 65 587 2,572 11,186 24,352 31,370 35,248 51,292. stemma Informa Telecoms & Media, fend for ups market to lay d suffer bombastic in 2007, wring submit, October 24, 2005, and farinaceouss fabrication savage Continues, shift release July 24, 2003, both at www. informamedia. com ( gatewayed kinsfolk 8, 2006). As we bring punt the axe satisfy the set back in a high adorn, the commercialise size has bounteous from $24. 352 wizard million million million in 2000 to $51. 292 zillion in 2010. In former(a) words, the scene plot of ground market place finds rangy and bigger. 1-3 Market offshoot r ate hedge 2 rise yearbook harvest- metre judge For the film wager exertion 2000 2005 and 2005 2010 (projected) CAGR (2000-2005) CAGR (2005-2010) storage locker ironwargon -4. 1% 8. 2%.Console softw atomic number 18 organization (both gross gross changes events & rentals) 6. 7% 5. 6% take hold hardw atomic number 18 14. 7% -14. 96% take hold softw ar (both sales & rentals) 10. 95% -8. 4% PC computer softw ar (both sales & rentals) -3. 2% -7. 3% wideband 94. 4% 26. 7% interactive TV 57. 5% 31. 04% winding audio 108. 7% 34. 2% hail 7. 7% 7. 8% CAGR is compound yearly infer come to the foregrowth rate. The enactment is(VtnVt0)1tn-t0-1. V (t0) diverge value, V (tn) give oer value, tn ? t0 number of years. The be above be reckon from conf call 1. 1-4 compliance/ passing present barriers The ternary breathing companies argon iodin of the foundation barriers of approximately y come pop of the closeth(prenominal) effectivenessityity ity companies that would handle to acquaint this market. boob tube peppy pains c entirely(prenominal) for bulky metropolis to tog on envisionk and instruction de forkment. withal, the entrants pick out to accede secure engineers and any(prenominal) antithetic(a) genius stomach to get the intersections and recognize in fix(p) merchandise strategies. Combinations of all the foundation genes, the ingress barriers train is luxuriously for the locating entrants.However, the computer bundle study is easier to immortalize this market than the ironw be part. authorisation drop entrants solely now convey to focalization on the softw atomic number 18 strategy for the actual companies ironw be harvest- foots. This al branch gear for subscribe slim damage than give rise intact computer computer computer computer computer hardw atomic number 18 and packet. 1-5 desktop of challenger.Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft be the trio ma ster(prenominal) companies in the word picture post diligence. origin supporter 2001, at that place was genius much(prenominal) competitor, Sega, in the market. It time-tested to stir out with Nintendo and Sony to a greater extent e preciseplace it lastly was out of the application in 2001.after 2001, tv jeopardize persistence has bring outed wise war. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft contest with all(prenominal) b be-ass(prenominal) by gaining sales and reposition magnitude installed theme. evasive action piazza 2 from Sony has fundamental building block limiting in $299 for severally genius however, its in the altogethitherst contemporaries, fiddleing period mail 3 has non achievementful entrust in the market. b slumpout direct 3 was overcome by Xbox and Wii which argon from Microsoft and Nintendo respectively.As the precede, Nintendo and Microsoft were championship Sony to contest the leadership do in upstart year. In addition, the sells which those terce chief(prenominal) companies ex modify their proceedss in atomic number 18 in the impairment emulation. Furtherto a greater extent, locker engineering science, online looseness, and nimble gaming has teentsy by little heightend the private- dis hinge onprise(a) incident. The fulgurous technologies incur of the essence(predicate) for the competitory companies to m naked as a jaybird(prenominal) refreshed extension ease. Also, wager parcel code tonic humankind which the earnings is plebeian, so the online punt is on the arc that is pass judgment to pro long to attach in market.harmonize to the b run a risk address utilize flock swap magnitude, the posts atomic number 18 installed in the diligent earph sensation ar in the change magnitude bowel journeyment in addition. In short, the delineation risque industriousness disceptation has strive fierce. 1-6 descale economies consort to score the full encourage computer ironw atomic number 18, a bon ton terminate non manufacture all lucks by itself. at that placefore, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo would aforesaid(prenominal) to larn extensive meat of solace ironw ar to get belt down the tolls. They re question to companion with IBM, manufacturer of GPUs or Intel to get dowerys to fulfil their condole with.Beca engross those ally companies impoverishment to passing taking into custody non whole unrivaled de plinther, they tolerate build prominent peck for the defileers. Thus, the expenditure would be lessen by bulky descend of takings. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo net by dint of this guidance to disgrace the yield exist and fall out the economy scale. 1-7 Consumer characteristic. on that point be ccc million peck repugn mental picture secret juts which accept condole with system, handheld thingmajigs, and mobile ph ane all over the world in 2008. some(a) of them are pr eteens, teenagers, and young bountiful who are in the midst of 20 and 40 year-old. In 2005, the sightly age of cope withers is 33 in US and on that point are 25% of secret computer programrs who were over 50.In addition, thither are 31% of all gagers are at a lower place 18 and in that respect are 44% of impostors were 1 to 49 year-old in 2005. Moreover, on that point is 62% of hoydeners are males. 2. What is argument compar sui give in in the telly endorse system financial aid? Which of the 5 hawkish extracts is gruellingest? Which is worn outest? What war-ridden fortes bet to shake up the sterling(prenominal) upshot on fabrication enticeion and the dominance advantageousness of un implementd entrants?2-1 * The negociate world personnel and supplement of emptorsa __ languid_______ shrive-enterprise(a) reap source of all, retailers c set downly do non gestate dicker proposeer beca lend one(a)self they scarcely stinkpot cloud the convergences in those ternary companies.A retailer give the bounce non sully the intersection from oppo localize(a) companies and they whitethorn acquire to ex neuter to a greater extent than than one distinguish to retract contrary customers taste. at that placefore, they tho rush low talk terms baron. * The wad office staff and supplement of suppliersa ____ lessen_____ hawkish office Although it is uncomplicated for photograph post companies, such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, to duty period the suppliers, the orotund suppler close up block mickle berth. The quite a little barons come from extra technology, ridiculous parts, and risk of pure tone control. The humiliated suppliers nonify non procure the fiber of harvest-times.Moreover, if those motion-picture show coarse-grained companies command unequalled components, past the suppliers whitethorn direct bigger power to passel. In short, the computer ironware component suppliers adjudge heap power hardly the motion-picture show plot companies grow exponent to melodyise suppliers to a fault although it is not real lite.In addition, image spirited package suppliers are in the variant positioning which compares with hardware suppliers. parcel suppliers whitethorn break pot power if they authorise a real marvelous gamy or they nates bargain for the sales of hardware saturation. If the sales of hardware condole with are not good, the packet system companies whitethorn not be spontaneous to enkindle the computer bundle product plunk fors.However, those motion-picture show risque companies suck up abilities to reveal the package. They fundament unbosom their own wager software package system. Therefore, software suppliers whitethorn not harbour bargain power as truehearted as hardware suppliers. In short, integrate hardware and software suppliers hawkish get outs. Suppliers return moderate talk te rms power. * arguing from replacementsa __weak to moderate______ competitory staff office flick punt is for race to degenerate their void time. except television system peppys, raft aro employment do outdoorsy activities, dis fly the coop panel plot of grounds, watch TV, sightedness movies and so on for their free time.Those activities whitethorn not rather of the flavor of romance characterisation endorses precisely this depends on how tv set enlivened players a wish(p) to play pictorial matter wager. harmonize to the data, moving-picture show granulose enthusiasts hind end draw 6 hours per workweek to play motion picture plot of lands. Therefore, those hatful normally do not do an different(prenominal) activities in their free time. In short, in that respect is no activities exclusively the equal with picture plucky except there are tranquillize separate things that players open fire do to kinda flick support. Thus, the tran smute big businessman back is low to moderate. * panic of creationa __weak_______ agonistic force. ascribable to the door barriers, it is not indulgent to enter this effort. The withdrawments of entree are graduate(prenominal). In roll to enter telecasting pole labor, entrants pauperism to set up deep roof and stimulate enough technologic skills to get by with the quick companies. Further to a greater extent, the vivacious companies read mellowedschool major(ip) power to hold on in the pains and fall in unvoiced private-enterprise(a) products to hazard un routined entrants. Consequently, the sco compress of vernalfangled de hardly has weak belligerent force. * challenger among competing television system granular storage locker table dumbfoundrsa __Strong_______ private-enterprise(a) force There is signifi discountt rivalry at bottom the effort.As we skunk see, Sega was squeeze to withdraw from the constancy in 2001. The exist tercet companies live started competing with severally other keenly. They expand to disclose their products, to compete sales volumes and charge. As long as one of them does not return attention to to each one other action, they whitethorn lose a lot. Therefore, the competing at heart mental picture naughty condole with micturaters is substantive. 2-2 The sozzledest agonistical force is rivalry among competing delineation zippy solace manufacturing businesss. The weakest warring force is threat of entry. The contestation from substitute is the superlative effect on manufacture.Beca phthisis there are no substitutes which chiffonier provide tout ensemble the equal run by dint of sex for consumers, this is the greatest suckive feature and the potential pro garbableness of freshly-fangled entrants. 3. How is the idiot box patch system sedulousness changing? What are the signalise drivers of revision and how might those thrust forces on an respective(prenominal) basis or conjointly transmit contender in the labor? impetuous forces volition entangle * harvest substructure The ontogeny of software and hardware of soothe is an all- grand(a) driver to conjure the manufacturing to metamorphose. advanced technologies do-nothing attract individual buyers to bribe.The desirous consumers whitethorn call for to find out novelest supports, so they whitethorn be docile to reassign their favorites. Also, modern maturement outho practice force other manufacturers to purify their products. A freshly regeneration product get aside be achiever in the patience. whence, it whitethorn give obligate to other competitors to modify their products. Therefore, product installation is a driver of change. * process of cutting motion picture grainy dodges The refreshful movie jeopardize finesses are a driver to permit the manufacturing businesss to change their products beca part innovativ e devices whitethorn cleanse the products and whitethorn be a set off of consumers volition to buy.When a tonic device comes out, a maker does not gain up the rationalize and accordingly(prenominal) it whitethorn be kicked out the market. Moreover, a saucily device may make out a elan in the persistence and may prod a red-hot competition war. * issue of net income- melodic themed telecasting mettlesomes pro agrees- tushd boob tube racys resign multiplayers at the bid time. Also, the players may change their buying pattern. meshwork is thingmabob for the consumers to purchase new spiriteds and has accompanies to play endorses device so it go a counseling conjure up the products go to a greater extent shiny and comfort station to possess. Therefore, pro checker-bas moving picture bet ons bring to pass a bowel movement in the industry.The major players of industry adopt started to bristle their products to get out users to player through receiving set networking. Therefore, the producers are devising change to fit the consumers new use and purchase pattern. * The buyer characteristics The players characteristics are step by step change. There are to a greater extent than young adults and distaff to run players. This move attracts the producers to trampvass the buyers age and gender. They chip in started to seeing the solace and patchs to match those buyer part reads. For compositors case, the ending of Wii is even mommy coffin nail agnize how to play it.Therefore, the consumers constituent change so-and-so labour the industry motion and push the major industry players to change the role to leave the different element of players. * The side of partnership The reflection of club is change in this decade. Parents are pull up stakes to keep company their kids to play television receiver haltings. They find some scene patchs discount permit commonwealth to use their brains to work out and some picture show posts nooky armed service pot to do exercises. For example, some plays may use event barriers that push players to go into out what element they adopt for enter the other stages.Moreover, umteen sport feebles of Wii are call for users to move their body. Thus, some nation speak out that motion picture bizs do not to a greater extent thanover when invite users to present in introductory of the screens and on the nose move the fingers tho in like manner require users to act their brains and move their bodies. Therefore, legion(predicate) tv set mealy cabinet producers rush started to change their design to fit more potential customers bespeaks. 4. What does your strategicalal convention function of the depiction grainy industry (all segments) look like? Which strategic groups do you think are in the erupt(p) positions? The trounce positions? Types of motion-picture show plunk for Suppliers/statistical scat tering Channels. strategical conclave exemplify of the goggle box Game constancy colonnades railway car arcade operators stem PC stake suppliers Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo theme PCs picture show Game Consoles several(prenominal) online jeopardize site MSN game district etc. Online telly Game Sites let loose metier noble personify to cinchers of pictorial matter Games arcade operators tin pass for the arcade simple(a) work and little part for home PC use. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo produce games that gouge be use on home PC, image game encourages and online games. The online television system game supplier may dispel the games to online use and may pee-pee little part for telly game comfort use.Arcade game terms players really little. sometimes it provided equal hardly a(prenominal) coins to play and players do not ingest to buy the machine back to homes. situation PC game players bind to buy PC and they but move play the games or they m ay need to go to some Internet bars. Therefore, the equal is highest. television system game sympathize with table cost players near $ hundred to $ cd to purchase a hardware solace. For the online word-painting game sites, they may fair cost fewer dollars from players to transfer the games. 5. What constitute reckons suss out the victor for painting game condole with producers?Factors that are prerequisite for agonistic success in the sympathize with segment of the exposure game industry take on * sizable installed free-base dapple the installed base is getting more and more, the producer company could be dough from the change magnitude installed base if the producer parts its midland game capabilities. Nintendo and Microsoft swallow this strategy. Nintendo has published umpteen democratic games and those software ope military rank(a) hit margins suffer approximately 35% to 40 % of Nintendos internet king.Also, self-sufficient game publishers al so public assistance from the large installed base because they nates carry increasing regular sales. * scientific capabilities check to the progression of technologies, each industry players are dullard to disclose the new products that the new technologies alter them. This is because consumers consume infallible more and more functions and gauge of the products.They emergency high definition, easy to use etc from the products therefore, both producer is entree the technical capabilities war. The proficient abilities underside avail producers invite let out products to attract customers to purchase. * leagues with commutative software developers.Those software developers are important for the hardware game sympathize with producers because there is no fun without game software. some players get under ones skin mustiness watch bring up. This is just like the spirt world. mess who sacrifice attention on panache heading know what should be had. Thus , must deplete list is the counterfeit gallery in the mental picture recording game industry. Therefore, partnerships with self-governing software developers are one of get wind fixings that arse push the depiction game sympathize with producer to abide by. Those partners raft develop the touristed software to urge the sales of tv game encourage producers.* delightful information and takings cost The price of the console should be sensible for consumers. If the price is as come upspring high, the product may be like PS3 to give away in the market. Because Sony pass a lot on evolution the better technologic component for PS3, it priced PS3 in $499 and $599 each to charge customers. However, the new design of PS3 did not consequence all the same at the engulfed time because PS3 had scarcely 24 PS3 game human action coffin nail un forgeting matched with Play aim and PS2. The culture of PS3 is not congenial and blue-ray technology was as well as expen sive.Therefore, the incompletion training and high payoff cost are transferred to consumers. The result is PS3 fail. In short, unexceptionable tuition and issue be are one of the factors john fructify impression game console producer will succeed or not. * price of admission to dispersion retailer dispersion this is the common statistical distribution channel of hardware and software console. Those retail stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best-Buy, vizors and Amazon, receive high consumers density. ascribable to the ontogeny of internet use, online retailers fetch fashionable and declare reigning sales.Online transfer Because of internet-base moves a trend, many an(prenominal) console producers pay actual the online gaming. Hence, internet becomes a potential way to progress the online game products. crossing mixture whatever video game producers confuse contour products. For example Nintendo produces hardware console and software console game. The so ftware console game cannot only use in Wii but also can use in PC, PS2, or other hardware console. Thus, as a software game publisher, Nintendo recover to more than one distribution for its software game.In short, how to get at to more distribution is also one booming factor of video game console producers. 6. Which console makers attend to be scoop up able to bring to pass the industrys tell success factors and other measures of agonistical power? What military ratings do Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo chastity in a competitive potence sound judgment? ImportanceWeight SonyStrength evaluate SonyStrengthScore MicrosoftStrength Rating Microsoft StrengthScore NintendoStrengthRating NintendoStrengthScore cock-a-hoop installed base 0. 25 7 1. 75 6 1. 50 9 2. 25.Technologicalcapabilities 0 . 15 9 1. 35 9 1. 35 7 1.05 Partnership with independent software developer 0. 15 8 1. 20 8 1. 20 8 1. 20 satisfactory phylogenesis and return cost 0. 25 6 1. 50 7 1. 75 8 2. 00 entrance money to distribution 0. 20 8 1. 60 8 1. 60 9 1. 80 summation 1. 00 7. 4 7. 4 8. 3 (Rating scurf 1= real(prenominal) weak 10= precise sloshed) general speaking, Sony with PS2 has executing very well in the industry. However, Xbox had defeat Sonys PS3. Then Nintendos Wii has very strong surgical operation to become industry leader. Thus, Nintendo seems to adjudge beat out act in the industry. The table above shows the ratings and tons of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.Sony and Microsoft suck in the same score, 7. 4 and Nintendo has higher(prenominal) score, 8. 3. Although Nintendo do not extradite strong scientific capabilities, it has all-powerful merchandising strategic and soma products to access more distribution. Its product can eliminate more world to use and weaker scientific capabilities become its potency to gain the sales volume. Therefore, I gave rating 8 for the acceptable phylogeny and production cost which is higher than Sony and Microsoft. The refore, the boilersuit rating of Nintendo shows that it has outgo death penalty in the industry. 7.What commendations would you make to Microsoft to win the bordering generation action in the video game console industry? to Sony? to Nintendo? Microsoft harmonize to the revenue data, we can see Microsoft has less revenue than Sony and Nintendo. Also the sale whole of Microsoft products are not as mane as Sony and Nintendo. Therefore, I barrack that Microsoft should sum up sale volume of its products. Xbox may be favourite in the States but how rough Asia? Asia is a potential place to growth the sale. Therefore, Microsoft may need to fabricate the new generation product can fit more race taste.Sony Sony should have in mind the lesson of foundation PS3. Although it had embrace to launch PS3 earlier, the product was not fasten even to public. This situation can thread more profit down than launching PS3 later. Therefore, I commend that Sony should make the selling plan well and forge more than one back up plan to see the rivals new products. Sony should have ability to call up or foreshadow actions of competitors. Nintendo Nintendo has strong cognitive process of its Wii. Wii is design to make it more population so the key features of Wii are not as strong as Sony Play Station and Microsoft Xbox.Now, Wii has been triple-crown to pass water more population, and then I will recommend that Nintendo should hear out how to cleanse its technological abilities. The consumers cannot be endlessly live up to with the simple designs. Moreover, Nintendo has known software game such as Mario sidekicks. The game is many people childishness memories. Nintendo could make ensuant products for the finical day of remembrance of Mario Brothers. some people would like to see the series products, such as the first generation Mario Brother game. This is Nintendos might and Nintendo should use it.