Friday, July 19, 2019

A Comparison of Two Advertisements :: Adverts, Compare and Contrast

A Comparison of Two Advertisements I am going to compare the two advertisements l have been given, one is 'Save the children' and one is 'Barnardo's'. The points I am going to discuss are logo and contact information, slogan use of emotive language, use of repetition, pictures, use of 'you', message, appeal and target audience. The logo in the 'Save the Children' leaflet is the upper half of a body reaching upwards. It is encircled by a thick line with a gap before it reaches the body. The contact information is not clearly seen, it is in small print, in white writing, against a grey background below one of the logos and slogans. It is in a clear font style and states all of the necessary information. It includes the 'Registered Charity Number'. The logo is usually blood red on either a grey, white or black background. It is placed a lot throughout the leaflet but on the last page it is placed next to the contact information in a clear place so that the contact information follows the solution having a bigger impact on YOU making a donation. The logo on the 'Barnardo's' advertisement only appears once. It is three people holding hands; they are positioned so that they look like they are running. Two of them are bigger than the middle one, which looks as if it is running and being lifted by the adults. It looks as if the one having fun and as it they are free. It is in a light colour, most probably white (I have a black & white copy) and the background is black. The contact information is clearly stated in an 'easy read' font size and it is strategically placed at the bottom of the page so you see it last and it becomes the last thing on your mind so you remember it. The contact information is clearly stated in an 'easy read' font size and it is also placed at the bottom of the page. The sentence 'Make a donation' is placed just before the phone number.

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