Friday, July 26, 2019

Evaluation of Agency's Human Resources Management Research Paper - 1

Evaluation of Agency's Human Resources Management - Research Paper Example Human resource also entail resource alignment whereby it integrates decisions concerning people and the outcome that the organization is striving to obtain. This paper will seek to develop an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the selected agency’s human resources management systems and processes and then provide recommendations for improvement. Ray Consortium is an agency located in the US. I did a research that revealed that this agency has processes and systems that intersect between information technology and human resource management. One of the agency’s major components of human resource processes for hiring and retaining is the enterprise resource-planning package (Department of Administration, 2004). In this package, the agency merges human resource management as a doctrine with its basic human resource processes and activities, within the field of information technology in particular (Lawler, 2004). With the emergency of enterprise resource planning software, this agency added its crucial components of planning to incorporate data processing systems programs that standardize routines and integrate information from and within various applications towards a single universal database (Briscoe, Schuler, & Tarique, 2011). According to the human resource manager of Ray Consortium, integration of enterprise resourc e planning as a major component of the agency’s human resource system facilitated faster and easier linkage of the agency’s human resource modules and financial modules. Furthermore, this agency has a performance appraisal process that evaluates employees’ performance, capabilities, and abilities and provides a systematic platform for rewarding. This procedure aims at motivating, mobilizing, and fostering their zeal towards their respective jobs (Lawler, 2004). In identifying predecessors of different sections of the agency, this agency uses modules of human resource that link performance of an employee through a single database that

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