Sunday, July 28, 2019

Database Management. MSSQL Server Database Essay

Database Management. MSSQL Server Database - Essay Example In this case the university requirements deal with a variety of services which requires their data to be stored in a database so that it can be successfully fetched and modified for performing a variety of functions. The database technology that can be offered for an online educational institution would be a server based database system for payment of student fees and other details, student registration, facilitating admission procedure, producing reports and others (, 2008). The MSSQL server database would most suitable for mapping the various requirements of the university. It is recognized to map the organizational requirements and used widely. It is able to take care of scalability of the university operations and service, meaning that it takes care of the various additions of new courses, new students and various other programs, modifications relating to the various rules and obligations. Improves visibility of operations for student registration and admission facilities. Stores appropriate records for further fetching of reports of student activity and staff activity. Quite easy to extend the schema for enlarging the database. This database variant serves a set of standards that is required to launch ecommerce database requirements. The features of the database are as follows: Efficient buffer management to cache pages in memory so that more amounts the pages are cached the better the system operates. The transaction management is quite efficient in the manner that if a transaction is not able to complete it is roll backed so that changes can be reversed. In that manner data integrity is maintained. The concurrency control is quite effective and it ensures data integrity. It facilitates replication which ensures that proper synchronization is done for the information in the databases. It also facilities merge and snapshot replication. The OLAP provides analysis services for the data objects. The reporting services and notification services serve as a great function to the database functionality. It offers a great GUI for dragging and dropping the elements in the database arena which had made it quite high in usability for greater acceptance and usage. It also offers greater facility for supporting various front end platforms for wide usage and business applicability. Conclusion Taking into account the above factors, MSSQL server stands out in the crowd for all the features which makes it quite flexible, scalable and cross-functional. The above features make sure that all the university would be able to accommodate all features required to make it a virtual campus and provide effective and efficient

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